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Utilities / Renewable Energy / Power Equipment

SSR's Utilities, Renewable Energy and Power Equipment Group specializes in-depth analyses of long term, industry-wide trends as a source of actionable ideas for institutional investors in both the debt and equity markets. Our objective is to identify trends in technology, regulation, capital investment and competitive strategy that are likely to have a material impact on the value of regulated utilities, independent generators and suppliers of renewable energy and other power generation equipment. We seek to identify these trends three to five years in advance, convey their significance to investors and quantify their potential impact through deep and detailed data analysis, informed by 50 years of collective experience.

Tech / Media / Telecom

Tech innovation is always happening. Usually, it is in service to underlying paradigms, creating incremental improvement in context of these organizing principles that dictate the way we manage and use information. However, every so often, innovation begins to exceed the capacity of these paradigms, catalyzing broader, generational change. It is these tectonic shifts that create the real investment opportunities in TMT. Understand the tech first, figure out where it is going, and then, identify the companies that will most benefit from the coming changes. This is our process at SSR.

Most Wall Street research happens in narrow silos, focused on tightly defined industry subsectors and the incremental innovations that might affect relative success quarter to quarter but oblivious to those paradigm shifts that are disrupting those subsectors and fueling the big, long term winners. This approach misses the full implications of hyperscale datacenter architecture, artificial intelligence, 5G, and other game changing technologies whose impacts extend far beyond those Institutional Investor defined silo boundaries. We apply deep analytical rigor to those things, build our understanding of what WILL happen, and find the best investment leverage points across the entire value chain.


Our reserach is focused on indentifying investment controversies across the healthcare sector where we can inform hypotheses with empirical evidence and hard data that's been overlooked by the market. Our work is rooted in the principles of game theory, and a recognition of the role of strategic decision-making in competitive markets, and we always seek to apply the scientific method in a fundamentally objective approach to investment questions.

Sometimes getting the right data for the right question takes us down the road of building the datasets that we need rather than relying on off-the-shelf answers: unsure of the impact of Hurricane Maria on pharmaceutical manufacturing were most exposed to the island. When the absence of high-quality pharmaceutical net pricing data was keeping us from understanding the underlying dynamics in the brand drug market, we built the industry standard source for estimating discounting, and the components of pharmaceutical revenue change.