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Below Zero and Falling Fast: R&D Productivity as an Enterprise-Wide Crisis

We estimate current returns on R&D spending of -7% – before costs of capital – for a typical R&D portfolio (typical in terms of # of projects, mix of projects by phase of development, and mix of projects by large

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A Simple Formula for Drug (and Biotech and Spec Pharma) Stock Selection

Therapeutic (drug, biotech and specialty pharma) stocks tend to gradually outperform their peers in the year or so preceding and following major anticipated product approvals. The exception is the period immediately surrounding the scheduled regulatory action, where risks are skewed

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Co-Pay Cards and the Stalling of Drug Rebate Growth

For the first time, because of growth in both rebate percentages and brand drug prices, rebates paid for preferred formulary status now appear to roughly equal the spread in non-preferred (e.g. tier 3) and preferred (e.g. tier 2) co-pays Co-pay

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