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Quick Thoughts: Déjà Vu All Over Again – Reliving the ‘80’s

  “Route 128 Turns Into Rocky Road” Charles Stein, Boston Globe, August 6, 1989 According to Egyptian myth, the Phoenix was a beautiful bird that would periodically build a nest of twigs that would then burst into flames, burning both

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Mobile Processors: Here, There, and Everywhere

  The three decade run of the PC ensconced Intel at the top of the semiconductor food chain, a position that appears ever more precarious as mobile platforms, largely based on ARM processor designs, proliferate.  In response, Intel will introduce parts

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Quick Thoughts: Amazon Doesn’t Care About Your Precious Quarterly Results

In a sea of short-term thinking, Jeff Bezos thinks long.  Once again, Amazon has taken a bullet in the service of its long term manifest destiny, a wound that its investors should be conditioned to receive periodically as the company

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Quick Thoughts: The Week That Was in TMT

The announcements just keep coming in the mobile device market.  First, Apple missed a quarter for the first time in 9 years.  Most analysts are taking the news as an idiosyncratic blip, taking comfort in management’s unusually confident guidance for

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Quick Thoughts: The Best Strategy May Be No Strategy at All

“Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici 1400-1434” John Padgett; Christopher K. Ansell The American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 98, No. 6 (May 1993) I first read today’s linked paper shortly before it was published in 1993, while I

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TMT M&A: Fat Wallets and Attractive Targets

The pace of M&A in TMT has accelerated in 2011, with more and larger deals than in 2010.   Through 3 quarters, 169 TMT deals have been done in 2011 for $84.4B, compared with 168 and $49.7 for the same period

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Quick Thoughts: Our Own Private Internet

Steven Paul Jobs – 1955-2011 R.I.P.   “What Facebook Really Wants” Nicholas Thompson – the New Yorker News Desk Blog   I’m posting a link to a recent blog post by The New Yorker’s Nicholas Thompson, where he succinctly defines

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Quick Thoughts: iPhone and Fire – Just Weapons in a Bigger War

The last week has been more than eventful in the world of mobile devices.  First up, today’s fairly lackluster Apple announcement.  With the iPhone 4S, the global community of Apple soothsayers was laid to waste, with the forecasts of a

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