ABBV/PCYC: Imbruvica’s US Pricing Has Room to Grow


Imbruvica’s only dosage form is a 140mg capsule, with a US price of $101.88. Most indications for which Imbruvica is currently approved are dosed with 3 capsules daily (420mg), for an annual treatment cost of $111,559

The average price for single-source treatments for acute life-threatening conditions approved in the US since 2003 is $154,472. And, the annual cost for the closest alternative (Rituxan/Zydelig) to Imbruvica in its largest approved indication (refractory CLL) is $144,808

Imbruvica is under development for a broad range of leukemia / lymphoma indications, and has potential in solid tumors and auto-immune conditions also. Many of the indications in development use Imbruvica at a dose of 4 capsules daily (560mg), for an annual cost of $148,745

$145,000 annually is a feasible price point for Imbruvica in both its approved and pending indications; however with only a single dosage form Imbruvica must either be underpriced in its 3 capsule / day indications (as we believe it presently is) to be fairly priced in its 4 capsule / day indications, or fairly priced in the former and over-priced in the latter

We have no immediate means of knowing whether Imbruvica can be manufactured in a more concentrated form, so to be conservative we assume the only way to produce a higher milligram dose is to use a larger capsule. The current 140mg dose uses the standard size ‘0’ capsule which is already quite large – 22mm or 7/8” in length. The largest feasible capsule size is the next higher (‘00’), which has 1.4x the volume of the size ‘0’, making a 196mg dose (140mg x 1.4) feasible. Any smaller dose is of course also feasible

Imbruvica’s pricing can be optimized ($145,000 for both the 3 and 4 capsule per day regimens) by raising the price of the current 140mg capsule from $101.88 to $132, and launching either a smaller 112mg capsule at $79, or a larger 187mg capsule at $132. The 420mg per day indications would continue to use 3 of the 140mg capsules; and the 560mg per day indications could use either 5 of the 112mg capsules, or 3 of the 187mg capsules

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