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Ethylene – The US Remains The Center Of Attention

In late March we published a longer term view of ethylene. Our focus was on what we still believe will be a weakening second half of 2016, possibly more accelerated if Europe is weak – a concern raised by CAT

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QCOM: Finally at the Inflection Point

QCOM suffered mightily over the past 2 years, as a Chinese anti-trust case emboldened manufacturers there to refuse demands for royalty payments and turn to alternative chip suppliers. This was compounded by the company botching the transition to 64bit smartphone

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TMT: 2Q16 Earnings Season Preview

2Q16 earning season is upon us, and the basic themes that we called out at the beginning of the year continue to play out – strong US advertising, the continued e-commerce assault on retail, maturing global device markets, a faster

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Monsanto/Bayer – Brexit Raises a Significant Currency Problem

While we think we have a willing buyer and seller on this deal, clearly negotiations have hit a stumbling block, with MON making it very clear that it is looking for other possible partners and BASF mentioned again in the

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AI Assistants: The Next User Interface Paradigm

AI powered virtual assistants are poised to replace the “App” paradigm as the primary user interface for electronic devices and the internet. The capabilities of these products will improve dramatically with developments in deep learning technology that will come in

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