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AI: Where the Brains Are

AI will catalyze sea change in TMT, effecting nearly every existing consumer and business application and enabling a host of new ones that could remake entire industries ( Talent – scientists with the intellect, skills, and experience needed to design

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Quick Thoughts: MSFT-LNKD Big Obvious Synergies, Watch Out CRM

MSFT is acquiring LNKD for $26B. We see substantial upside to the deal.

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Hyperscale Hardware: Components for the AI Cloud

Hyperscale Hardware: Components for the AI Cloud As the TMT world moves resolutely into the AI/cloud era, investment in hyperscale data centers is surging, while spending on private enterprise data centers has begun an inevitable decline. Hyperscale architecture differs from

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Axiall – Don’t Listen For The Fat Lady Quite Yet!

  Lotte may consider themselves the “White Knight” for Axiall, but unless they are riding a very big horse and have very large amounts of money in the saddle bags, this story may be far from over. A stock bid

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