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A Deep Learning Primer – The Reality May Exceed the Hype

A Deep Learning Primer – The Reality May Exceed the Hype Deep learning based AI will drive the next phase of disruption for TMT. Leveraging hyperscale data centers and ubiquitous mobile devices, AI systems that allow computers to interpret ambiguous

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AXLL – Expect a Sale Eventually – Stock Could Drop if WLK Suspends Interest

Since the publication of the most recent AXLL defense document 10 days ago, there has been (public) radio silence from WLK regarding the rejected WLK bids. Axiall seem confident that they can win a proxy fight, or at least keep

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TMT: 1Q16 Earnings – It Ain’t 2014 Anymore

1Q16 earning season confirmed several business trends. Ad driven businesses showed strong. Smartphone and PC sales were weak. The enterprise migration to the cloud continued apace, while traditional IT suppliers struggled. AMZN sharply accelerated its e-commerce sales in a tough

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Axiall Strikes Back, but Painting a Very Bleak Picture for Polyethylene vs PVC

On May 9th Axiall issued a presentation defending its position with regard to the hostile takeover move from Westlake and in anticipation of a potential proxy battle. It is a well-constructed presentation and obviously self-serving, but on the whole an

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