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Cybersecurity: Trust No One

Cybersecurity attacks have been growing more sophisticated in recent years, making headlines with major breaches that have compromised the personal information of millions. However, beefed up spending on security hardware and software have done little to stop cybercrime, as more

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Axiall – Asymmetric Risk Reward

  Axiall is either acting on very poor advice or has something up its sleeve. The company’s total and aggressive rejection of the bid from Westlake has opened a wide door for Westlake to walk through with a hostile bid,

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Quick Thoughts: Catching the TWTR Knife

TWTR remains in a jail of its own making, languishing at multiples incongruous with its torrid sales growth and expanding margins. Given GOOGL and FB’s very strong ad growth, and press reports of sales well above plan, we expect a

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Quick Thoughts: SaaS-mageddon

No one said it would be a smooth ride. The SaaS subsector hit a massive speedbump on Thursday night, as a sharp deceleration in contract signings by DATA and soft guidance by LNKD took 40%+ off of their market caps

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