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The VERY Long View: The Biggest TMT Companies for 2025

Of the top 10 US TMT companies by market cap today, just 5 were on the list a decade ago. AAPL, AMZN and FB were nowhere to be seen, and GOOG had just edged onto the list at #10. Meanwhile,

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TMT: Model Portfolio Update – NOW WITH SHORTS!

We have strong conviction on the near-term opportunities created by paradigmatic changes across the TMT landscape – i.e. Web scale cloud data centers, streaming on-demand media, native digital advertising, increasingly fast and efficient mobile commerce, falling competitive barriers in wireless

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AMZN: Winning Christmas

With ~$250B in annual gross merchandise volume (GMV) and more than 250M active customers, AMZN, already 3x the size of its closest US online rival Ebay, is responsible for nearly 20% of global e-tail sales and is on a trajectory

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