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Commodity Chemicals – It’s Not Just About Crude – It’s a Gas!

For the last 12 months – since the significant slide in crude oil – several US commodity chemical companies have effectively traded as a proxy to crude. For months, if crude has gone up then so has LYB, and to

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Car Tech: Silicon Valley Takes on Detroit

GOOG and AAPL have been investing in automotive technology hoping to disrupt nearly $2T in annual car sales, $4T in car related expenses and $1T in local transportation and delivery. According to reports, AAPL intends to follow TSLA’s lead with

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Dow Chemical – New Leadership Focus, Same Issues, But More Opportunity

It really is “All Change” in the chemical sector this year. While in this case Andrew Liveris is not retiring yet, we see this as a first move in a transition which allows Andrew to retire soon. He has been

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Agitation in Agriculture – Another CEO Change – Time to be Long

  Syngenta’s CEO replacement is now the second major leadership move in the Ag space if we include the DuPont CEO exit. In our Chemical Monthly, published last week we talked about the likelihood of more M&A and restructuring in

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Quick Thoughts: TWTR: Jack’s Back, What Now?

After nearly four months of equivocating, the final hold out director on the Twitter board has finally capitulated and the company has announced what had already been discussed ad nauseam across its investors’ timelines – founder Jack Dorsey will be

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TMT: 3Q 2015 Earnings Preview

2Q15 gave powerful evidence to the tectonic plate shifts remaking the TMT landscape. Those change vectors will drive 3Q15 earnings as well, creating significant investment opportunities and risks. Specifically: 1) The deterioration of the linear TV model continues, fueling growth

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Chemours – This Time Teflon Could Stick! – Implications for DuPont, Bye Bye Apollo

  This is likely a day of real schizophrenia for Chemours. On the one hand you have a rumored bid (Bloomberg) from Apollo. On the other hand you have the loss of the first Teflon related law suit – we

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DuPont: Is Some Sort of Breakup Now More Likely? We Would Own DD and DOW

With the exit of Chair and CEO, Ellen Kuhlman, and the interim replacement of Ed Breen, there will be lots of questions about; why so sudden, why Ed, why not Jim Gallogly and what comes next. One could take the

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