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Smartphones: Mobile Maturity

The global mobile phone installed base has decelerated sharply this decade to roughly 3% annual growth, a pace that may be sustainable for a few more years. In this context, demand for new phones is already overwhelmingly driven by replacement

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Quick Thoughts: VZ – A Plateau Doesn’t Rise on the Other Side

VZ CEO Lowell McAdam – “While well-positioned for the future, Verizon’s full-year 2016 earnings may plateau at 2015 levels as the company manages near-term impacts.” These words at an investors’ conference yesterday morning hit the stock 2% in trading, although

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APD Materials Spin – The Right Strategic Move, But Not Much Value Add

APD’s long expected announcement to spin off its Materials and Electronics came after the close last night. The company expects to complete the spin by the end of its 2016 fiscal year (September), which seems like a long lead time,

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TMT: Paradigm Change Trumps Economic Risk

The late August correction hit TMT leaders hard, partially overshadowing 2Q15 numbers that evidenced the technology driven paradigm shifts that are transforming sectors across the economy and concentrating value toward TMT early movers with the necessary skills, assets, and scale

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