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CVS/TGT: What Does the Store-In-Store Strategy Mean for RAD?

If we assume CVS cannot repeat the TGT store-in-store deal with other major mass merchants, but can do such a deal with a single supermarket (who would likely impose limits on further deals with other supermarkets), its next best option

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Mobile Payments: The TMT Perspective

M-payments offer very little benefit to consumers or merchants today. Uptake, even for the widely hyped ApplePay, is disappointing. Meanwhile, retailers, their customers saturated with loyalty cards and engagement falling, see mobile apps as a big opportunity and m-payments as

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SNY/REGN: When to Expect Outcomes Data for Praluent

Last week’s Advisory Committee vote implies the Praluent and Repatha labels might be somewhat restricted until their outcomes trials are completed. Presumably positive outcomes data would lead to de-restriction of the labels The Praluent trial (ODYSSEY) has a scheduled completion

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A Strategic Look at CVS/TGT; Why We’re Still Bullish on RAD

CVS’ acquisition of TGT’s pharmacies raises from 17.6% to 22.7% the percent of the US population living in areas where CVS cannot be excluded from a retail pharmacy network (at least one that complies with commonly-used proximity standards). And, the

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GOOG: A Particular Set of Skills

GOOG has levered its dominant prowess in data processing into market leadership in advertising, and plans to extend that leadership by orchestrating a mobile commerce ecosystem, with the potential to generate enormous value for itself and its partners. Investment in

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ACA at the Supreme Court: Subsidies Are Here to Stay, Even if SCOTUS Finds for King

Congress cannot repeal the ACA; the President would almost certainly veto a repeal bill, and Republicans lack the two-thirds votes required in both chambers to overturn. (Republicans have 56 percent of House and 54 percent of Senate seats) And, Congress

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US Drug Pricing Stalls. Uh-Oh …

Growth in US brand pharmaceuticals’ list prices has accelerated – but discounts are growing even faster. As a result, on average US brands’ net price growth is very nearly zero Net price growth is negative in 6 of the 10

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