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Three distinct drugs or drug classes are in late stage development for treatment of lipid abnormalities: PCSK9’s (AMGN, SNY, REGN), CETP’s (MRK, LLY), and ETC-1002 (ESPR). This raises the question of which drugs fit where if all or most are

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QCOM: The Sun Comes After the Rain

Sentiment on QCOM has come a full circle back to the skepticism that plagued the stock at the time of our last detailed look in May 2013, falling to “Death Watch” quadrant of our valuation framework, signifying weak projected cash

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Relative Price & Value of pre-Phase III Pipelines for the 22 Largest Drug & Biotech Companies – Updated View

Using patent data we estimate the amount and quality of innovation in companies’ pre-phase III (aka ‘hidden’ pipelines), and then determine whether companies’ share prices accurately reflect what’s in these hidden pipelines.  Since inception (November 2012), companies that screen as

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AMGN, REGN, SNY: Bull Case for PCSK9’s; COGS a Major Advantage for SNY/REGN

We see peak US sales potential for PCSK9’s in the $5.5B to $8.5B range before outcomes data, and in the $9.6B to $15B range after outcomes data are available. By comparison, consensus expects combined 5th year global sales (our estimates

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Digital Advertising: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Ad Platforms

Considering marketing spending beyond the roughly $537B in global measured media, suggests a more than $1.5T market, where digital makes up less than 10%. Given the inherent advantages of digital – targeting, acquiring customers, tracking behavior, facilitating transactions, building loyalty,

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ABBV/PCYC: Imbruvica’s US Pricing Has Room to Grow

Imbruvica’s only dosage form is a 140mg capsule, with a US price of $101.88. Most indications for which Imbruvica is currently approved are dosed with 3 capsules daily (420mg), for an annual treatment cost of $111,559 The average price for

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AAPL: High Priced, Cause it Feels So Nice

The fashion focused Apple Watch will launch 4/24 with high prices and predictable functionality, yielding limited volumes, but reasonable revenues and excellent profits during the first year. The $349-$399 entry point is too high for most users, most of whom

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Industrial Gas Pricing – Talking a Good Game

Our recent thoughts on Industrial Gas companies have focused on their ability to pull pricing and cost levers to grow top and bottom lines. We have been particularly focused on APD and what it will need to deliver to justify

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