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14 for 14 Portfolio Update: January Performance – A Better Start than Denver – Just!

This year, for better or worse, we have decided to update our portfolio performance on a monthly basis.  As a reminder we began the year by recommending 14 larger cap long ideas and 14 names that we would be more

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SYY – Profitable Sales Growth Remains Elusive

SYY reported Q2 earnings this morning, and the results provide a useful framework to reiterate some of our ongoing concerns that we have highlighted in our prior work. Sales increased 4.1% (consensus contemplated a 5.2% increase, so a revenue miss

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V and MA: Quantifying Concentration and Disintermediation Risk

Conversion of the Chase consumer credit portfolio to V, which apparently had not begun in 2013, will represent a 2%+ headwind to global growth for MA in 2014 (and 6-7% headwind to US growth) assuming 80% of the portfolio migrates

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Your (HIE-based) Plan Doesn’t Cover That: A Comparison of Drug Formularies On and Off the Health Insurance Exchanges

For a podcast of this and other research notes, please see the SSR Health YouTube channel Popular brand drugs are much more likely to face restrictions in health plans sold on the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) health insurance exchanges (HIEs),

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