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SSR Health’s Hidden Pipeline Analysis: Relative Price and Value of pre-Phase III Pipelines

We believe pre-phase III (i.e. ‘hidden’) pipelines are misvalued for a very simple reason: they’re hidden. However because companies’ patenting behaviors around early projects are relatively consistent and complete, careful analysis of patent data gives us an opportunity to see

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Quick Thoughts: The still not so cheap iPhone

  –          As everyone expected, Apple’s big event introduced an incremental update to its high end iPhone, the 5S, and a slightly cheaper plastic alternative, the 5C –          The 5S adds a beefed up 64 bit processor, an improved camera,

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September 9, 2013 – Mobile Payments: From Cards, to Smartphones and the Cloud

After years of false starts, mobile payments are finally beginning to surmount the vested and conflicting interests of device platforms, wireless operators, and existing payments players to gain traction with merchants and consumers. These initiatives focus on the point of

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Evidence of Rate Shock on the Individual HIEs: Weak at Best

In 8 of the 10 states for which we have useful data, today’s (2013) premiums for individual coverage are (after being inflated by 6 pct to account for 2013 – ’14 health cost growth) very much on par with 2014

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September 3, 2013 – TMT Portfolio Updates: Walking the Topline

 Sell side analysts love to back end load estimates for the companies that they favor, pushing sales acceleration and margin expansion into the back half or even into the next fiscal year. As we approach 3Q earnings, we thought it

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Quick Thoughts: Nokia Gives Microsoft an Offer it Can’t Refuse

–          The Street will hate the MSFT/NOK deal, but it smells like the result of an ultimatum – without NOK, Windows Phone would be dead and both companies knew it. –          At least MSFT got a better deal than did

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