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Low Cost US – The Shift Is Underway, SLOWLY Reversing a 40 Year Trend

Over the last 40 years, US manufacturing industries have – slowly at first, but then more rapidly – spread their wings into other parts of the world.  They did not do this to “be international” nor did they do it

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March 4, 2013 – TMT: In the Year 2020 – 8 Things We Think

TMT: In the Year 2020 – 8 Things We Think Innovations in device design, platform software, wireless, cloud data processing and cloud applications have catalyzed radical TMT paradigm shifts. While much has changed, development trajectories imply even more dramatic developments

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The Medicaid Expansion & Why Hospital Pricing Peaks in 2013

[print_me] More Republican states are expanding Medicaid fully (to 138 pct of the Federal Poverty Level, or FPL) than we projected. Persons between 101 and 138FPL are now more likely to be in Medicaid than in exchange-based commercial plans Medicaid

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