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Coatings Expensive? The Sellers Seem to Think So!

For some time we have been talking about how expensive the coatings space is in the US.  The stocks have done very well and the multiples are very high – too high in our opinion as they discount earnings growth

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Quick Thoughts: T-Mobile and MetroPCS Make a Beautiful Couple

–          Despite different technologies for 2G/3G, T-Mobile is a much better fit for MetroPCS than most analysts assume, offering far more synergies than would Sprint. –          In particular, the two companies have complimentary spectrum, concentrated into two common bands with

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Wireless Carriers: Will the iPhone5 or New Spectrum Revive Carrier Competition?

The 2007 introduction of the iPhone changed wireless competition, stymieing carrier ambitions of AOL-like walled gardens and setting the subsidy bar much, much higher.  For AT&T, the exclusive deal with Apple was worth it for the big market share gains

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