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Online Video: Objects in the Mirror May be Closer than they Appear

Online now represents ~9% of U.S. video viewing, and is growing at a 50%+ pace.  That audience is attracting advertising, with YoY streaming ad growth accelerating to more than 100% in recent months and suggesting that online will blow past

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Protected: Update on post-SCOTUS Medicaid

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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What’s In A House – Sadly Not Enough

In research published yesterday, we look at the US New Home business and how it impacts the Industrials and Basic Industries sectors.  We also introduce research on the Building Materials group for the first time. Housing is a bright spot

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It’s Easy to Argue against Opinion – Much Harder against Data – Ask Tom

It may be Tom Cruise’s opinion that his wife wanted to remain married, but it’s hard to argue against the divorce filing.  Somewhat definitive.  Not dissimilarly, we are bombarded by opinions on the markets’ movements, with the bulls making arguments

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Medicaid Post-SCOTUS: Nevermind Whether States Choose to Expand; It Appears States Have the Choice to Shrink

SCOTUS ruled that Congress cannot withhold all of a state’s Medicaid funding if the state refuses to participate in the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion Many states’ Medicaid eligibility levels are well above the federal minimums, in large part

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Quick Thoughts: Apple’s IPR Thermonuclear War is More Like Whac-A-Mole

–          A busy few weeks for Apple’s legal war– the U.S. case vs. Motorola and a U.K case vs. HTC were dismissed, while a U.S. case vs. Samsung yielded preliminary injunctions against 2 products. –          The “Thermonuclear War” is more

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June Review: Still No Overall Reason To Get Excited, Plus A Quick Take on the ISM

The problem with a blog is that it is often unclear where opinion takes over and facts get left behind.   As we start a more formal approach to an Industrials and Basic Industries blog, we have every intention of expressing

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Portable Devices: Parts is Parts

  Driven by the ongoing paradigm shift from traditional PCs, feature phones and cable boxes, we expect the global market for portable devices, including smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, to grow at a better than 22.9% CAGR through 2016.  While this

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