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Quick Thoughts: By the Time I Get to Vegas …

Disney’s deal with Comcast will not forestall “Over the Top” and could hasten it Nokia Microsoft deal? Maybe, but can Nokia survive without smartphones? What to see at CES?  Ultrabooks, automotive electronics, connected home everything   Greetings from Continental flight

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Enterprise IT: Send in the Clouds

Enterprise IT is in flux.  Weak economic conditions will pressure budgets, particularly in the government market, while CIOs contemplate a major strategic change of direction.  The focus is on making the deluge of data useful, fostering collaboration, and empowering a

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US Drug Pricing in 2012 – The Slowing Crowd

We expect US brand drug pricing to decelerate in 2012. Whether we’re right or wrong should soon be known; much of the industry’s annual pricing actions fall in January, and we believe the January actions of the early companies influence

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Quick Thoughts: Yep, More Predictions for 2012

  OK.  There is an unwritten rule that all blogs have to start a new year with either a list of resolutions or predictions.  Since I have no willpower whatsoever, I’ll take the easy road and make 6 predictions for

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