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Quick Thoughts: Oracle’s Scary Quarter

  Oracle’s disappointing 2QFY12 results, delivered just before Christmas, sent shockwaves through a tech tape that had been riding fairly high in the weeks prior.  3Q11 numbers had been generally positive, with a string of beats from the major enterprise

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Quick Thoughts: AT&T Whiffs, Apple Strikes Back

    When the AT&T/T-Mobile deal was first announced on March 20th, it seemed improbable that the deal would be allowed by either the DoJ or the FCC, both of which had the power to stop it, without significant concessions. 

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The Future of the Internet: The Four Horsemen of the Consumer Cloud, or is it Five?

  The web is a dominant force in daily life for consumers, defining new social memes for communicating, shopping, organizing, working, learning, and being entertained as it absorbs value from the industries surrounding it.  Trillions of dollars, in device purchases,

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Quick Thoughts: Corporate DNA or Changing a Leopard’s Spots

Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, “The Core Competence of the Corporation” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1990 Historically, the study of organizational behavior has gotten very little respect.  First year MBA students use the class for surreptitiously reading casework from other

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Quick Thoughts: Dispatches from Steve Job’s “Thermonuclear War”

  The Android Patent War: An Apple trade claim could bar imports of its competitors – December 5, 2011, The Wall Street Journal December is a busy month in the patent wars.  On Friday, a U.S. District Court in California denied

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Quick Thoughts: Verizon Goes Shopping

While AT&T twists in the wind in its quixotic press to gain approval for its acquisition of T-Mobile USA, Verizon has sprung a deal of its own, announcing agreement to buy roughly 20MHz of spectrum with a nearly national footprint

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TMT in 3Q11: Temporary Flight to Value But New Paradigm Growth Apparent

TMT in 3Q11: Temporary Flight to Value But New Paradigm Growth Apparent 3Q11 was a wild ride for TMT investors that ultimately rewarded a focus on enterprise IT, with particularly strong performance from low-multiple, old paradigm leaders that are unlikely

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