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President’s Budget Proposal Points to More Pressure on Innovators

  The congressional ‘super committee’ created by the Budget Control Act (“BCA”) this summer and tasked with cutting the cumulative 2013-2021 deficit by $1.2T by November 23[1] met for the third time on September 22. Ahead of that meeting, President

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Quick Thoughts: iPhone and Fire – Just Weapons in a Bigger War

The last week has been more than eventful in the world of mobile devices.  First up, today’s fairly lackluster Apple announcement.  With the iPhone 4S, the global community of Apple soothsayers was laid to waste, with the forecasts of a

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A Detailed Comparison of the AWP Replacements: AMP v. NADAC

This note compares the two drug acquisition cost benchmarks (Average Manufacturer Price or AMP, and National Average Drug Acquisition Cost or NADAC) that CMS intends to make public. NADAC values have not been calculated or published; however because Alabama’s Average

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