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Quick Thoughts: The DoJ vs. AT&T – What Does it Mean for the Merger?

  The DoJ’s announcement that it will sue to block AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA should come as no surprise for several reasons: -Justice, under the Obama administration, has been active with a strong anti-trust agenda, having blocked NASDAQ’s proposed

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Mobile Platforms: Integrating Everything

  The days of stand-alone devices may soon be behind us, as mobile platforms integrate functionality into a seamless experience across access venues.  Consumers will access profiles, applications and content in a consistent and intuitive manner whether via smartphone, tablet,

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CMS Takes Concrete Steps Toward Replacing AWP

On August 4, 2011 CMS hosted a meeting to update external stakeholders on the status of the implementation and roll-out of the national actual acquisition cost (AAC) survey, the existence of which Secretary Sebelius first revealed in a letter to

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Quick Thoughts: Hello Moto

Google’s $12.5B acquisition of Motorola Mobility was a jolt on what would have otherwise been a typically sleepy mid-August trading Monday.  While the all-cash price tag seems hefty at first look, MMI’s balance sheet is strong with $3B in net

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The Market Appears to Misprice Risks to Healthcare Earnings from the Budget Control Act

Since details of the Budget Control Act were made public, Hospitals have meaningfully underperformed the broader Healthcare industry; Large-Cap Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Devices have performed in-line This implies that the Act’s committee fails to produce legislation, which

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Healthcare and the Budget Control Act of 2011

The Budget Control Act calls for $2.1T to $2.5T in cumulative deficit reduction for the period 2013 – 2021. $917B of this is in the form of ‘up-front’ cuts in discretionary spending, and has no appreciable effect on health spending

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