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Quick Thoughts: Wither Hulu?

Disney, News Corp and Comcast have put their internet streaming venture Hulu on the block for sale.  At first glance, the service, which boasts 28 million users enjoying exclusive on-line access to the current programming line-ups from 264 content partners,

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ESRX, MHS, and the PBM Bear Case

We update and summarize our PBM bear case in light of ESRX’ bid for MHS Generic dispensing margins (est. $9.01 / Rx) should fall toward brand levels (est. $5.77 / Rx) if average wholesale price (AWP) is replaced by a

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On-line Payments: Cut Up Your Credit Cards!

As the Internet economy has become an ever larger part of consumer transactions, the payments industry has slowly adapted to fill its needs.  Today, with the Internet accounting for roughly 5% of US retail transactions, and with new technology poised

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Why Employers Are Likely to Drop Health Insurance – A Simplified View

All else equal, employers ‘compete’ for employees with compensation packages of wage + benefits, the primary benefit typically being health coverage Logically, employers will seek to produce compensation packages of net wage and health coverage as efficiently as possible; and,

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Quick Thoughts: Dot Com – The Next Generation?

The success of the recent LinkedIn and Pandora offerings, the heady multiples for cloud services stocks like Open Table and Netflix, and the rumored valuations for innovators still private, like Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and Twitter, have prompted the media to

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