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Mobile Devices: Flying in the Clouds – Who Will Make it Through?

It has been just 4 years since the introduction of the iPhone.  In that short time, Apple, joined in bitter competition by Google and its Android ecosystem, has laid waste to the traditional cell phone industry and with the popularity

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What Next for the MLR Cycle?

We’re convinced MLRs remain stable through 2012 and potentially 2013, though we see significant risks of price competition in 2014. Consensus calls for rising MLRs into 2012 and 2013; we think this is premature, so we expect further outperformance from

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Cheap Tech: A Guide for Cautious Bottom Fishing

Historically, bottom fishing has not been a successful strategy for tech investors.  However, the extreme nature of the current market calls this truism into question.  Today, nearly 20% of all technology companies with market cap of more than $3B trade

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