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The (Unfortunate) Irrelevance of ACOs

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are CMS-designed and sanctioned groups of Medicare providers that cooperate to produce greater quality of care, and savings in which member providers can share. Under the proposed rule there are few (risk-adjusted) savings available, and few

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Internet Everything: The Coming War for the Consumer

Consumer media, communications and commerce applications are being subsumed by the Internet. The simultaneous rise of smart devices, connected home electronics, fast wireless networks, content delivery networks and compelling cloud-based applications is fomenting a revolution in consumer internet use.  No

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Demand-side Energy IT: Green is Good

Recent world events have raised the importance of IT in energy policy. Even as rebellion in the middle east is reaffirming the precariousness of dependence on oil beyond ecological concerns, the Fukushima reactor crisis has reinvigorated opposition to nuclear power. 

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CMS Says AMP is Coming; Acquisition Cost Data Reduce Generic Costs 37% in ‘Bama; Why Ortho Demand May Slow in the Mid to Longer-Term

CMS confirmed to us their intention to publish average manufacturer price (AMP) data to the general public; this is in addition to Secretary Sebelius’ February 2011 commitment to provide average acquisition cost (AAC) survey data to the states We analyze

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Quick Thoughts: Spectrum, Politics and Sprint

In the wake of the AT&T/T-Mobile bombshell and the CTIA wireless industry confab, the US telecommunications industry teems with controversy.  The industry is pleading for new spectrum.  The FCC is wrestling with Congress to gain approval for incentive auctions.  AT&T

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