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Enterprise IT – Let’s Go to the Cloud

We are bearish for near-term IT spending, and concerned about the implications of the cloud for many vendors. Global government spending and Japan represent nearly 30% of the enterprise IT market, and both are likely to decline in the face

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Medicaid Cost Pressures Intensify on States; Negative for Hospitals and the Drug Trades

Despite a slow improvement in general economic conditions, states’ fiscal problems intensify in FY2012, due largely to expiring federal subsidies and declining general and rainy-day fund balances.  As a large component of state spending, Medicaid is likely to face more

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Quick Thoughts: AT&T-Mobile

Assuming the sale of Deutsche Telekom’s US T-Mobile unit to AT&T can be approved by the FCC and DOJ, we see several far-reaching consequences for the TMT landscape beyond the obvious scale and spectrum benefits for AT&T, and the competitive

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4G: Faster, Cheaper, Better

4G is the “great wireless hope” – the only possible challenger to cable industry dominance of residential broadband internet access.  Detractors, including cable industry executives, have been quick to pooh-pooh the notion, suggesting that spectrum scarcity and the technical limitations

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Post-2014 Reform-Related Volume Gains are Modest

The common notion of 30 million newly insured in or around 2014 (13% gain) likely overstates reform-related increases in demand for health care Persons without a health insurance offer from a current employer choose coverage on the health insurance exchanges

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