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November 22, 2010 – 4G: The Cure for the Common Cord

4G technology is following a 10 year roadmap toward download speeds that will allow wireless carriers to successfully compete for broadband and video with traditional cable, satellite and telco operators.  With the added advantage of mobility, the ability to launch

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Uncertainty and Motive in Pharmacy Dispensing Mark-Ups

Recently we argued incremental (relative to brands) generic dispensing premia of roughly $5 / script ultimately will fall. This note addresses healthy criticisms of that note, particularly: 1) payors already know generic acquisition costs; and, 2) the generic dispensing premium

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November 1, 2010 – Streaming On-line, On-Demand Video: Over-the-Top, On the Way

We believe that it is inevitable that internet delivered video entertainment will eventually replace traditional channelized television.  However, there are significant technology, infrastructure, behavioral and industry economic hurdles that must be surmounted before “over-the-top” becomes a widespread reality.  While many

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October 29, 2010 – Why Generic Dispensing Margins (Eventually) Must Fall

October 29, 2010 – Why Generic Dispensing Margins (Eventually) Must Fall For both drug retail and PBM mail-order we estimate that per-Rx generic dispensing margins are $5 higher for generics than brands, and show that this premium results from: 1)

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